SITE Technologies:

Revolutionizing real estate asset management

Chicago, IL
Austin Rabine
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Company Overview
  • SITE is an asset management and data analytics platform that quantifies and qualifies a standard scope of work for pavement (asphalt and concrete), repairs, and replacements built around unit costing.
  • The platform is disrupting a highly manual industry by replacing 'boots on the ground' with drone imagery (or any aerial surveillance image) to create a model that standardizes budgeting and repair schedules, relieving local property managers of guesswork.
  • SITE is revolutionizing and standardizing data collection in a market that uses antiquated, inefficient, and inaccurate methods which ultimately drive key capital allocation decisions. With $10 million in equity financing, SITE will accelerate its mission to empower the real estate industry with real-time data collection and AI property condition analysis.
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