Shared security to hyper-scale Ethereum

Seattle, WA
Sreeram Kannan
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Company Overview
  • EigenLayer is an innovative protocol that introduces the concept of restaking for Ethereum and enables staked ETH to be used as crypto-economic security for protocols other than Ethereum.
  • EigenLayer lets protocols that integrate with it to leverage Ethereum's secure trust network without needing to establish their own validator set - creating a marketplace for decentralized trust.
  • EigenLayer is led by founder and CEO, Sreeram Kannan, a former professor at the University of Washington who holds a PhD in Information Theory from U.C. Berkeley. As a professor at the University of Washington, Sreeram focused on the application of Information Theory in communication networks, machine learning, and blockchain systems.
  • Security for a decentralized network is only as strong as the number of validators in that network. By creating a marketplace for decentralized trust, EigenLayer solves one of the biggest problems for new protocols (bridges, oracles, indexers, etc.) in establishing that network.
  • With restaking on EigenLayer, projects can now 'rent' Ethereum's security at a fraction of the cost while stakers can now earn additional rewards for their staked Ethereum.
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